"Can I have the Pet Shop Boys album, 'Please'?"

Rent, Shopping, Being Boring, It's All Right, It's A Sin, I'm Not Scared, In Denial, I Want A Dog, I Want A Lover, Can You Forgive Her?, Do I Have To?, What Have I Done To Deservre This???

Από το 1986 μέχρι το 2010, κυκλοφορούν: 10 albums, 7 συλλογές best off (μαζί με το αναμενόμενο Ultimate), 4 "Disco" albums, 2 live albums, 1 sountrack, 1 musical καθώς και 53 (!!!) (μαζί με το αναμενόμενο Together) singles ...
Oι ευγενείς συγγένειές τους περιλαμβάνουν τους:  Momus, Tracey Thorn, Dusty Springfield, Kylie Minogue, Rufus Wainwright, Frances Barber, Lisa Mineli, We Have Band, Electronic, Peter Rauhofer, Sara Noxx, Robbie Williams, Electronic, David Bowie...

PS: 'Cause we were never being boring we were never being bored.

Yes, Good Times... For A Change, Δευτέρα 27/10, από τις 16:00 μέχρι τις 18:00 στον poplie (www.poplie.eu)

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