Mια ζεστή μέρα και εγώ εύχομαι να ήμουν μακριά... //

Xωρίς εκπλήξεις, ζητάτε να σας πω για την έκπτωση. Ακόμα και στις πιο σκοτεινές ώρες ας γίνει αυτό που θέλεις. Αυτό ειναι διασκέδαση. Αλελούϊα... Υπνωτικές αντρικές φωνές. Tην Τετάρτη 1/6, από τις 18:00 μέχρι τις 20:00 στον poplie, (www.poplie.eu). Οικοδεσπότης ο Good Times... For A Change


not dare //

"I Should Not Dare" taken from David Sylvian's new album ''Died in the wool'', which is out next week (31st May in USA). 'I should not dare' sets Emily Dickinson's poem to music accompanied by Christian Fennesz and Jan Bang.


Mikaël Delta // With My Whole Being

''Ο Μ. Δέλτα αποφάσισε
να μοιραστεί ευγενικά
τη νέα του κυκλοφορία
With My Whole Being
με τον «βιότοπο συναισθημάτων»
των Docers.
Θα το μοιραστούμε
κι εμείς με τη σειρά μας,
με όσους σκέφτονται και αισθάνονται με μουσική.
Το artwork του E.P. σχεδιάστηκε από τον ίδιο.
Ακούστε το track 
σε μεσαία ανάλυση 
και κατεβάστε το σε υψηλή. 
Ο κάθε κωδικός download 
ισχύει για μερικές ώρες 
και μερικές προσπάθειες. Ευχαριστούμε 
τον Μιχάλη Δέλτα που μοιράστηκε μαζί μας θαυμάσια μουσική''. Εδώ.

only art can brake your heart #3

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only art can brake your heart #2

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only art can brake your heart #1

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remember what u said yesterday?

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Όλες οι φωτο απο εδώ.

sweatshop=κάτεργο //

Τώρα τελευταία μαθαίνω οτι η αλήθεια ποτέ δεν είναι μία και πως όλα εξαρτώνται από τη θέση που βρίσκεσαι, από την οπτική που έχεις. Οι φωτογραφίες είναι αποκρουστικές, το κείμενο σκληρό όπως και η αλήθεια. Αφού δεν μπορούν να μας τα πάρουν απο αλλού μας τα παίρνουν απο όλα τα iWhatever και περισότερο από τα περιφερειακά αναλλώσιμά τους. Έμαθα να δουλεύω με mac και τα υπερασπιζόμουν με πάθος. Πήρα ένα ibook και μου το έκλεψαν. Εχω ένα ipod που το κέρδισα σε ένα διαγωνισμό και θα το ομολογήσω πως είναι οτι καλύτερο θα μπορούσα να έχω για να ακούω μουσική στο δρόμο. Ισως αποκτήσω second hand ενα παλιότερο μοντέλο iphone.... Το σκέφτομαι όμως. Πριν δω το δημοσίευμα και τις φωτογραφίες. Γιατί έχω μαθει να τσεκάρω τι και αν χρειάζομαι. Οι ανάγκες όλων μας ειναι διαφορετικές και όπως όλοι εχω αποκτήσει και εγώ διάφορα πράγματα που εκ πρώτης δεν τα χρειάζομαι. Απλά τώρα θα τα σκέφτομαι όλα δύο φορές... Δείτε όλο το δημοσίευμα απο εδώ.


The Very Existence of the Queen (by Morrissey) //

The Very Existence of the Queen Is Against Any Notion of Democracy
16 May 2011    

This is just one of a number of compelling charges set down by Morrissey in an article written for Hot Press, to coincide with the Queen's visit to Ireland
The Queen's visit to Ireland is part of a new Palace PR campaign to re-invent the Windsors. The message from the Queen will be the same as ever: who we are born to is more important than what we achieve in life.
It should be remembered by the Irish people that as recently as the turn of the 1980s the Queen supported Margaret Thatcher by not dismissing Thatcher as she allowed hunger strikers to die at the Maze Prison, most famously Bobby Sands, who was 27 years old. As Sands starved to death in protest at being tagged a 'criminal' and not a 'political prisoner' by the Thatcher government, the Queen sat in her Palace and said nothing. If the Queen had any human feelings for the Sands family or other hunger strikers then she did not express them.
The full meaning of the Monarchy is, like the Queen herself, a complete mystery to most people. It is protected from any investigations by ridiculous stories of trivia and wedding dresses and on-again-off-again soap-drama romances. The most revealing statement came from Commander Christine Jones of the Metropolitan Police last month, when she warned that any British people carrying anti-royal placards who are "seen in the vicinity of the royal wedding would be removed under the Public Order Act." This means that any political dissent in England is silenced in order to protect the royals, which in itself goes against every principle of democracy.
The very existence of the Queen and her now enormous family – all supported by the British taxpayer whether the British taxpayer likes it or not – is entirely against any notion of democracy, and is against freedom of speech. For a broad historical view of what the Queen is and how she "rules", examine Gaddafi or Mubarak, and see if you can spot any difference.
You won't be able to.

The Queen also has the power to give back the six counties to the Irish people, allowing Ireland to be a nation once again. The fact that she has not done so is Fascism in full flow. What else could it be? Name one other European country that is controlled by its neighbour?
May 2011
(Αναδημοσίευση απο εδώ).

time stops for no one //

Όλες οι φωτο απο εδώ.


no milk today //

To video ειναι σαν κακή απομίμηση του Safe Sex. H κουρτίνα πίσω απο τον Κωστάλα vintage item απο την εποχή του ελληνικού κινηματογράφου, (χρησιμοποιημένη και από τον Γ. Χριστοδούλου στο video για το cover του ''Όλα τα λεφτά''???). Το cover version του No Milk Today δεν παιζεται όμως...

good enough //

“I left my fingerprints, somewhere, that’s good enough, I am my own person, that’s good enough and I stand my ground, that’s good enough…” Ολόκληρη η ιστορία του Stephen Patrick εδώ.


value me //

drop me a line //

Η σχέση του Morrissey με τους φαν του είναι ιδιαίτερη. Όταν ο τραγουδιστής έμαθε πέρσι για το θάνατο μιας φαν του (την οποία επίσης έβλεπε σχεδόν σε κάθε συναυλία του, της έδινε το μικρόφωνο, μιλούσαν) έγραψε μια δήλωση. Την έστειλε (πού αλλού) στο σάιτ της Julia για δημοσίευση.
Είναι αναπάντεχη - και συγκινητική. Την παραθέτω στο πρωτότυπο. (Aπο εδώ).

30 April 2010
Statement from Morrissey
My trusted ally Janice Long has passed news on to me of the sudden death of Melinda Hsu. I did not know Melinda personally, but I felt as if I did because she had been a front row fixture for many years. In fact, from her many letters and gifts I understood her name to be Mel Torment, or even, when she felt at her most pernickety, Smel - which I'm certain was not her given name.
Mel was a smiling face who lent strength to every single concert, even when events were going somewhat pear-shaped. I felt as if I knew Mel because she was always there - regardless of wherever 'there' happened to be; no snowbound landscape too far, no off-the-beaten track too untrekkable. I often handed her the microphone mid-concert and she would always make an effort to say something different each time.
What is more, she always seemed so happy to be there on the front row, even though she had heard these live renditions enough times to emaciate the brain of the most inherently decent devotee. However, she was booed by the audience once - in Killarney, when she asked (via microphone) with a tone of disbelief "why Killarney?" but I don't think she meant the contorted snootiness assessed by the rest of the audience because she was not that type.
Those who travel from concert to concert as Mel did possibly don't realize the contribution they make. They are as much a part of the night as I am, but I sometimes feel embarrassed because I think they are asking for more than there is, and, mustily, I can't give it. The goat-like vocals and the tipsy monologues are all that I am.
Mel had passed a note to me at Pomona saying that it would be her final concert of the tour. Yet, hours later, in another venue, there she was again. Even after all she had done, even after all the money she had spent and the millions of miles she had hiked she still could not keep away from the squeeze and bend of yet another version of "First of the gang to die" - never imagining, I'm sure, that it is she who would be the first.
As ever delighted and content at Ventura (where we gave our final bow), I cannot imagine whatever it was that Mel believed she saw or felt as she fixed upon the stage night after night, year after year.
Her contribution was a declaration of love for which she seemed to save all of her strength, and for which I could only ever repay with half-witted mumbles of thanks.
The only way to deal with Mel's death is to accept it. There is no other way. We all have a certain unbreakable appointment and we are all helpless targets in that regard. Life's only promise is its final deadline.
When Mel, and others who are dear to us, depart, we should at least realize as we shuffle along living our small and persecuted lives, how absolutely ridiculous it is to be afraid of anything or anyone on this unhappy planet. Most people are standardized and unoriginal, which is useful, because it makes the Mels of the world stand out even more.
Rich in ideas, her self-made calendars and t-shirts were always very funny. You will catch up with her in the afterlife, where I'm sure she will be as creative and busy and as Mel Torment as ever.
Thank you to Julia at True-to-you for printing this.
France, april 2010.


the feeling of supernormal //

Good, modern, CLEAN, real, healthy, possitive, simple, NORMAL, older, stronger, wiser. Εδώ και τώρα. Με αφορμή ένα κείμενο που διάβασα πρόσφατα... Συνοδεία με κομμάτια της εξέλιξης των Joy Division.
H άλλη πλευρά των New Order: Τhe Other Two, Monaco και Εlectronic. Tην Τετάρτη 18/5, από τις 18:00 μέχρι τις 20:00 στον poplie, (www.poplie.eu): Τhe feeling of supernormal. Ηοsted by Good Times.


La piel que habito (2011) (The Skin I Live In)

Καινούριο film απο τον Almodóvar. To trailer (και μόνο) μου προκάλεσε όλα όσα περίμενα απο το Black Swan... Ένας διαπρεπής πλαστικός χειρούργος, πειραματίζεται στη δημιουργία ενός νέου τύπου δέρματος. Μετά από χρόνια ερευνών, καταφέρνει να το καλλιεργήσει. Εκτός όμως από χρόνια σπουδών και πειραματισμού, ο Robert χρειάστηκε τρία ακόμα πράγματα: κανέναν ηθικό φραγμό, έναν συνένοχο και ένα ανθρώπινο πειραματόζωο. Οι ηθικές αναστολές δεν ήταν ποτέ πρόβλημα...  Η ταινία είναι βασισμένη στο βιβλίο "Mygale" του Thierry Jonquet και είναι θρίλλερ.

from Brazil... with love (studio)

Deconstruction all kind of fashion και DIE αισθητική. Απο εδώ.


Barbarism Begins At Home! The Smiths party by Population (με την υποστήριξη του PopLie)

Handsome Devils, Tender Hooligans, Unruly boys and girls, hipsters, δανδήδες και νάρκισσοι ήταν όλοι εκεί. Με την ανάλογη μουσική και την κατάλληλη διάθεση και με περιέργεια για το secret gig... Ι won't share you, Half a person, Panic, There is a light και Please, please, please, let me get what i want τα κομμάτια απο το unplugged σετ του Βασσιλικού. Και η υπόσχεση / ραντεβού για το επόμενο Smiths party... stay handsome...


unruly girls //

who will not settle down They must be taken in hand...

Be Here Now//

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population presents Barbarism begins at home//

population presents Barbarism begins at home -... by diytvgr


unruly boys //

Unruly boys who will not grow up must be taken in hand...